where am i? lost again..


its been half month since my last entry.. nah, im busy. hahahha.. seriously speaking, with all the things happening to me right now (here i am again-urrgghh) the passion to write and tell you the stories, well happy stories of my life has been vanished. i dont know. its just that i want to do nothing. just always sleep. such a sleepy head guy. nah. . i wake up at around 9:30 to 10 am and then went out of the office at 9pm and sleep at 11 pm or 12. and on weekends, i wake up at around 3 or 4 pm. i really wanted to rest my mind. not to think.

lastly, ive been looking a job in the United States. A company that will sponsor my H1 Visa. I really hope and prayed that i get one. Need to pursue and fulfill my dreams, not just for me but also for other people.

my life is not okay. because of emotion, a lot of people suffer.

"Patawarin mo ang mga taong nagkasala sa iyo pero wag mong kalimutan ang mga kasalanang ginawa nila sa iyo".

"Once the vase is broken, you can never put it back the way it is before. tulad na pagsasamahan, kapag nasira ibalik man, idikit man at gawing makinang ang labas, makikita at makikita pa rin ang lamat sa kaloob looban."

Agree or not?


jazzy4_Jesus♥ said...

Forgive as god forgive you...

whatever your burden is, lay it down at the cross, at the feet of Jesus..

Acknowledge him Kuya, love tayo ni Lord..

Ingatz ka po!

prayin' for you,

ruther said...

"Once the vase is broken, you can never put it back the way it is before."

Trust. Words. These are the two things that I really take care of.