US Trip Gadgets


Acer 5610-4610 model
160 GB HD
1 GB memory
Core 2 Duo processor
Windows Vista

Microsoft Zune
Mp3 Player slash Video Player
with Radio
30 GB storage

Sony W55
7.2 megapixels with 1 GB memory card
with internal memory

These are the things that i bough in my US trip assignment.. more post to come..


sherma said...

WAAAA!!!! techie boy ka na, ah! hahaha! ka-inggit naman... saan ka kaya laging tumatambay, para ma-hold-up kita! hehehe...

zeus said...

hope i had some of those


Virginia said...

napaka-tech savvy mo! arbor naman ng isa kapag luma na!

kyels said...

I've never tested Zune yet; how was it compared to Apple iPod?


Karlo.PinoyBlogero said...

Would like to have a laptop. Say, you didn't happen to buy any spare did you? Haha.

Even Zune! damn. It's just shows that you're mayaman.