Spider Man 3 - I Cried..

today is sunday, 13th day in the month of May year 2007. second weekend since my team mates flew back in Manila. Josh and I decided to watch the SpiderMan 3 in Loews Cinema. i woke up around 9:20 am and then after preparing myself for today's "gala", i called Josh and told him that im good to go. so first thing we did was to go to the Dining Area and have some light breakfast since we were not eating sausages and scrambled egss (oh please.. not anymore).. after that went back at the room and packed my bag. so were ready to go! first stop? Bus Station to Lakeforest Bus Station, were going to ride 2 buses going to the Cinema. But if were going to take the cab, if will only take us 15 mins and we're going to be there. but since we are now taking the bus, we need to ride two different route of buses. Bus # 54 going to LakeForest and Bus # 44 going back to Rockville. Bus Fare - $1.25 back and forth for the two bus. Taxi $10-$15 plus tip.

with my camera inside my bag, what will you expect? im loving myself again. :D

taking the first bus to the next station took our time for about 15-20 mins. and then the next bus according to the time board will be 11:03. and were going to wait for another 15 minutes or so. and there are lot of black and mexican people in the area. so i decided to use my cap ( am i hiding my face from them? nah!)..

and after we hopped at the next bus (BUS # 54 going back to Rockville), it took us another 15-20 minutes to get in the place. and guess what? the front side of the building of the cinema facing the road was not the entrance! geez! there are lot of doors but also a lot of sign telling you "DO NOT ENTER". so we walk and we read a sign that there is an entrance at the parking area. so we entered the parking area and after 10 steps, we saw the entrance.

at the cinema lobby, ( were actually going to watch meet the robinsons and spidey, but since there is a delay in the bus arrival time, we were not able to catched up the showing time of the robinsons, so we went down on the first level and bought our tickets for the Spiderman 3, showing time was 12:05. and i was so hungry, remember i only have 2 breads and one glass of milk for breakfast, so we decided to find a place where we could eat, and unfortunately there is no one in the area that we like to eat. so i just had a venti size of caramel frap at starbucks and joshua bought a hotdog sandwich in the cinema.

we watched Spiderman with less than 30 people inside the Theather 18. so many people huh? well. its much cheaper when you watch in the morning rather than watching in the afternoon or evening. the $7.50 will changed to $11 per person. good thing we watched in the mid day. :)

and this is what made me cry. hehehe.. when harry died. i was in tense when they were fighting their enemies, since they are back to normal bestfriends, helping each other - i was afraid that one of them will die (someone preempted us that someone will die) and again, i was afraid that it will be harry. and when harry died, i felt the feeling again of losing a friend. there's a big impact of it to myself. friends are my family. so i dont wanna loose them. and when harry is about to die, my eyes are releasing its water droplets. and i cant control it. wahahaha.. its just that i dont really like the feeling. it hit me hard. so i just cried and i hate it. i hate that peter lose his bestfriend. :(

so after the movie had ended, i asked josh if we could drop by at the bookstore to buy 2 books for my officemate. and since i have my camera, why not maximize the use of it?

bad thing is, the book that im looking for is not available. so i just ordered it and will be back after a week. they're gonna order it for me. :D

while walking through the pathway going to the bus station, the Bus # 54 passed by. waaaaah...oh why oh why! so it just passed by and we waited for another 30 mins for the next bus. sigh. its just a few meters away from us. huhuhu.

if we have a car, were just going to take the highway and then turn right and tada! we were at the hotel, but since we are taking the bus (again), we need to see some part of the city. hehee..

so while waiting for the bus, i asked josh to click the shutter of my camera.

and im guessing why the cars passing by (most of them) look at us. i don't know the reason why. either a girl or boy who drive the car, they will give a look at us (or just me? hahaha.. kidding!)


ladybug said...

I am glad to see that you're enjoying your stay there. About Spiderman, kawawa naman at namatay si Harry noh? Just when he patched things up with Peter. Oh well, movie lang naman yan. :-D

sherma said...

same here... pag may camera, ainako! automatic! hehehe...

kyels said...

Damn, I love your shades!