so many things to catch up

there are so many things in my life that this blog missed. my bolinao entry has not yet been made and it happened 3 months ago. then i prepared my papers when my superior told me that i will be heading to our HQ office here in Gaithersburg. then my first ride on a plane and thank God it wasnt bad. as in super! two thumbs up for Cathay Pacific. 8 out of 10 for my two Cathay Flights.

sigh. and now were going back in our country. i already packed my two luggages and i need more space. so many clothes that i bought here. so many chocolates.

ill be coming back and i need a break. i have plan of going to Malaysia but the time is not yet definite when. all i have is my money that i saved from my allowance here.

thanks god for all of the opportunities that has been happening in my life. i never imagined that i will experience all these things. its just that im so thankful and grateful to my Creator. eventhough i am a sinful creation. well, i hope to be in the right path again. i just thank my Lord God for standing beside me, always. He's my bestfriend. He never leave me. Right Lord God?


kyels said...


You are coming to Malaysia kuya?!

OMG ... That's cool!


sherma said...

waaaa! malaysia naman ngayon.. isama mo naman ako... hehehe...

very well said about our great Creator!

rowjie said...

hehe. i'm happy for you that you are happy. take care! and God Bless!