and now they are really gone

its so hard when some of your companions are leaving. you used to be with them in a foreign land for two months and then in an instant, in a matter of seconds they are gone.

it felt so different right now. unlike the feeling minutes ago when they were still here. we knew that they were leaving and we will be left here but again "it never came into my mind" that it will be like this.

i dont like the feeling. now, im asking - is it a really good choice to be left in here? i can say yes, i prayed for it to happened, and my God granted me this. so i should be thankful for that.

I miss them. Just take care and godbless your trip guys!

Jologs Jaja wala na kong kasama rarampa d2! wala na kong ksamang ibang modelo.. :p
See you after one month..

Godbless guys and happy trip...


ladybug said...

Kaya mo yan....sandali lang yan. Before you know it nakabalik ka na dito at mami-miss mo naman ang stay mo dyan. Kaya enjoy ka lang muna. :-)

kyels said...

What are jologs?