ready to be back..

i already packed my chocolates, all of them. then the clothes that i bought in the Outlet Mall. geez.. my luggage has been filled with only the clothes that i bought the last time we went in the Outlet Mall. tsk tsk. and then the watches, i got 4 for my self and then 5 watches as pasalubong. and then pens, i love pens. hahaha.. so thats the content of my luggage. and then my box, chocolates with names whom it is for, a big plastic of toys as pasalubong again for kids, so many pamangkins. waaa. then the chocolates nga inside the box. my problem now is the weight and where to put the clothes im using and my 6 shoes. tsk tsk.. no more spaces for me. so im preparing myself to pay 230$ for excess baggage. waaa.. ayoko!


almaritchel said...

Pahingi chocolates. Hehehehhehe