happy birthday josh!

last march 28, we celebrated the birthday of one of our team mates, a friend. since we are far from our own families - miles apart - we decided to give him a surprise birthday. we talk about his birthday in the office, and when we had our lunch in Famous Dave again - we are coming back because of the ribs [yummy] - we had an ice cream cake for the birthday boy. and on our way home after that day in the office, we decided to cook some food. and after we left our bag in our room, we immediately headed to the Asian Market in Rockville. we bought the ingredients that we need for our pork sinigang. and then we went to Bottom Dollar and found some cake [ we bought one small and a big chocolate cake ], also we bought some rice, softdrinks and candles for the cake, and not to forget the balloons. so when we got home, kuya tey went to my room to help me with the preparation. i cooked the sinigang [ the second time since i was here ] and cooked the rice. and after more than two hours of preparation, whola! the place is now a party place. hehhee.. just kidding. we just let the balloons in the floor and put the table in the center of the living room, got the chair from my two bedroom suite and put all the foods at the center table. when all things are ready, we called josh in his room. we asked ms marj if she can accompany josh to my room and what did she told him? [we had a meeting josh ] .. hehehehe. so surprise surprise! here we come.. hehehe.. we also have one visitor which is not from our team, also from the same company but in IT department. so we had our dinner at past 10 pm and finished around 12. enjoy the pics.

and after the party, what will you expect? of course, i need to clean my room. hehhee. so i do the dishes and i think i finished around quarter to 1. and after that i rest for a while and took a bath and sleep. what a tiring but a fulfilling day. :D



kyels said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Josh too!


richard said...

wow! yummy...

ang saya pag may birthday! hehhehe :-)