not sure

im not so sure if im going to change the way my blog is. from the way it look, thats what im thinking now, but the problem is, i dont have a software installed in the laptop im using here in the US. so how am i going to do that? hmm. well. not sure. hehehe..

im feeling okay. living by my ownself. need to do the dish washing, the laundry and even ironing of my own clothes. well, i know how to do all that, though its just that years had passed the last time i do all those things. that is the time before i moved-in in Manila.

living in a foreign land. it excites me. how i wish someday i will be back here. and be wealthy enough so that when i go back in the philippines, i can say that here is the result of what ive worked hard abroad. i think im loving USA. hahhaa. i really need to go back here. work here and live here. but i do have plan of course of returning back.

i have so many entry to do. but i always think that i dont have the time. well, maybe tonight i can do the Bolinao entry, that was more than a month old entry. and i dont have any words or stories here in my blog about that. i wish.

im not sure how these things will turn out to be. especially the gym. wahahha.


Lazarus said...

Hope you have a great time there! Enjoy every moment, David Edward!