erasing and moving on?

i dont why the title of my entry today is like that. its 10:30 pm here in Gaithersburg and im not yet fall asleep. the reason behind is that i just came from the gym ( yep, i do have goals right now to built muscles, a little, and i really i can do that).

so why the title? after reading a blog entry about moving on, it crossed my mind about me and "k". i asked her to delete my phone number from her unit and i will do the same. the night i asked to do that, she replied to me that if im having a bad night dont do anything bad to make other people night turn to bad. what i just said is that if she can kindly erase my number from her phone and thats all im asking for. im not hoping anymore for something to happen between us, i mean to have a relationship. how many times i tried to call her and she didnt want to talk over the phone and one time she agreed i wasnt in the mood because of the reason she told me why shes going to answer the call. all i want is to clear all the doubts that i have and be true to each other. honesty is all im asking for. but how can you prove honesty when you didnt see the person? you can feel it, yah, but still you have doubts. and i do have mine.

well, i can say that im moving on little by little. the system that she entered was back to normal. it wasnt like before that im thinking of her everyday, that i was smiling every now and then when i think of something about her and me. im smiling till now but with different reasons.

time to move on. i know that im selfish sometimes that i just think of my own happiness. but i think ive given you enough time to clear all the doubts that i have. to erase any negative thoughts that i have with you.

if you read this, i just wanna say thank you. and trust what other people say to you, you will never know when they will get tired. If you love them, show them. Show them that you are willing to face anything with him or with her. That with each other, you can surpass all the trials. but it never happen to us. thanks for the time

i hope and pray to my Lord God for you to find the perfect one. or the one whom you will love. whom you will spend the rest of your life with.

Goodluck in everything and God BLeSS. :D


Kyels said...

I know what do you feel like kuya.

Nakakapagod na po ako ... There are things in my mind too. But like you I am moving on as well. We have to, di ba?

chino said...