aalis na..

after some incidents and some delays, tomorrow will be our flight going to the US. hay. naka impake na ko last weekend pa, hahaha.. excited? hmm. not that really kasi naman for some reasons.

last night, we had dinner with the peepz, ate russ mamimiss ka namin! pagbalik ko d2 wala ka na. hay.

ingat ka dun ah.

basta next gala natin, MALAYSIA na, wahahaha.. im so excited.. :)


Kyels said...

OMG ... You are going to the States already!

Take pictures na ... (:

paurong said...

siguradong marami kang mauuwing kuwento. pasalubong ha!

Anonymous said...

You must be just getting used to the weather as the temperature is few degrees above freezing in MD currently.

Virginia said...

goodluck! pasalubong ah! hahaha!