the reason...

the reason why i went to the embassy of the united states in manila is because i have an interview for my application of US VISA. why do i need a US VISA? ok heres the story.

Remember my Bolinao Trip? (well, actually i dont have any post yet regarding that trip, maybe when i get to the US and have a time, naman. sana.). Friday night un, and that was also my last day of night shift. so i went into the office so early coz im so excited about the trip on the following day. never did it cross my mind that there is something to happen and to change.

so when i got in the office, my TL asked me to go to the room of our Project Manager. and they roll out what is on plan. we are two of the selected people that will go to our HQ in Gaithersburg in Maryland. so we still have Saturday and Sunday to think about it. 2 days time frame to think about the offer.

so we went to Bolinao. enjoyed the place and relax. the idea of being one of the chosen people never sink in my mind. but of course, when my TL needs an answer about the offer, i need to think about it and tell myself, hey, its true, its not only an idea.

i asked permission to my ate and she agreed naman after talking with her through phone. cyempre sa kanya ko nakatira and shes responsible for me, and also i asked dra sotto about the offer, they asked some questions and I answered it and they told me to accept the offer. i was happy about it,. whos not when you have that kind of offer? but let me tell you this, last year i have a plan of resigning. It was really a plan that i will resign this year. i cant remember how many time my ate asking me to resign on my job cause on our salary and told me to accept a job in a call center wherein she has a friend and the starting salary is more than what i received from my present company, but i refused and told ate that im happy with my work and im so grateful with the people i work with. the plan was to be a seaman since ate again knows someone from a shipping line and it will not be a hassle for me to be an ordinary applicant. she know the president itself of the company, but again i said to her that i will tell her when im not happy in my work and ill pass my papers with her. but again, it never happened cause im still happy with what im doing.

so that is the reason why im going to the United of States, because where like going to attend a training there and work maybe. we are all 7 going to the HQ.

i just learned about the issue yesterday, when my batchmates in going to HQ tell me something. of course it hit me. but i never expected that that one line in my YM will create trouble and will cause me what im feeling right now.

and this is the status that i have:

"My VISA na ko. wohoo. 7 days".

is it bad? im just happy. it was never my intention to hurt other people feelings because of that. hay..

till here. ill let you posted what will happen next.


chino said...

congrats uli a!!..hehehehe.. :)

drop by NYC!!..hihihihi

brVince said...

oo na, naintindihan ko, hehehhe

Kyels said...

Naintindihan ako ...

But nevertheless, you've been given a chance and I am sure you'd do good Kuya!

Kamusta ka?

Miss kita na!


Lazarus said...

I'm sure there would be a contract afterwards, and you'll be tied up to your present work after the training/work in US.

Inquire din sa mga nakapunta na.

alma ritchel said...

Mabuti kapa makakapunta na ng US. Alam mo, taman din iyong sinabi mo since happy ka sa work mo okay lang na magstay ka pero siguro in the future lilipat karin kasi mangangailangan ka ng mas malaking pera para sa magiging pamilya mo...hehehehehe. Salamat nga pala sa palaging pagbisita sa blog ko.