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2nd to the last day of night shift.. sigh.. para na ata akong magkakasakit at bumabagsak na katawan ko. i dont know. maybe it was the badminton game that trigger what im feeling right now. my joint in arms are not in good condition, i dont know if it swell. so there it is, and it feels like i always wanna sleep. just to rest my tired body.

on saturday, the plan of going to pangasinan will push through. so better packing my things tomorrow when i got home and i still dont have any food to bring on a 3 day trip. yippee! im so excited about this trip! wahahha.. will keep you posted next week what will happen on the trip and also im on leave Monday.

and here is another thing, i dont know if i will be on night shift next week since the go live of hst didnt pushed through last week because of the problem that we experienced. sigh.

i bought a phone, a spare one. since the keypad of my p910 sometimes fail in working properly. it was just a 6610. hehhe..

para na kogn magkakasakit. hay. ang init ng pakiramdam ko.

david. edward signing off...


kyels said...

You are using a P910 ... *snatches it away from you*

Joke, Kuya David, joke!