end of my career...

it almost happened! grabe! ang hirap ng project na nahawakan ko! it felt like i was dying, i mean literally speaking im gonna cry because of it. its so weird, so hard to explain.

its not the usual map that im doing, and that map i can say that it tested my capability on developing maps. when you look at it, you can say that its easy but when you started doing it, oh my god. the problem exists one by one. and when im putting my codes, a lot of ideas are coming in my mind. what if this scenario will happen. what if like that, and many more ideas are coming through that i lost focus and concentration. its so hard when you were in that situation. i did it for 6 days. it was the hardest map that i handle sicne i started my edi career. sigh.

i cant say nothing but grabe! sobrang na test ako dun. but thank God i finished it for about one week.

you know the feeling that you wanna work but there is no idea coming into your mind but you feel occupied? that you are putting codes but then there are ideas playing inside your mind?

this map is one hell map! hahahah.. i dont wanna handle 856 maps anymore. hehehe


chino said...

when i find that I am in trouble with any sort of work.... I eat chicken..tas wala na.. hahahahahahahahahaha

chino said...
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Kyels said...

Try to take some breather, okay Kuya?


Juz said...