Year of the Rat - that is me...

i looked on the sites in the net offering free feng shui or the like. and read on what is in store for me on the year 2007!


Creative, problem solver, imaginative, hyperactive worker and respected for its resourcefulness. Intuitive with ability in acquiring and holding on to things it values. Outward personality is certainly appealing, but below the surface there often abides a crafty and opportunist character. In financial matters, they are erratic, scrimping, cutting corners and budgeting carefully when money is scarce, but spending lavishly instead of saving in time of plenty.

This year will be an excellent one to smooth out all current affairs on the judicial plane. Also, it will allow to solve conflicts with the State, particularly with the tax administration. All that's related to foreign countries and travels could also be a factor of chance for you. - wala akong kasong tax evasion, okay? hehehe

First trimester - You may be very harsh with your mate, only seeing reasons for reproach in him (her). Beware of excessive intolerance! This uncompromising attitude may very well erect between you and your mate a wall that will be difficult to tear down. Single natives will have some difficulty finding their soul mates but can enjoy a very agreeable light-hearted amorous banter. - so walang love life! huhuuh

Second trimester - If you're single, you'll be prone to flirtation but not really ready to commit yourself seriously. In some cases, one must beware of the impact of the opposition between the planets Tham Lang and Tang Mon, a particularly difficult impact this time.

Third trimester - For the majority of you, this period will be positive: You'll be sensual and tender, and your spouse or mate will know how to take you to the seventh heaven. For some natives born in a Metal year, however, the star Quan Phu can provoke disputes. Beware not to let things degenerate. If you're a lonely heart, the period will prove favorable to an encounter; it will decidedly not be the time to play at being timid!

Fourth trimester - With this aspect of the planet Hong Loan, there'll be animation in your love life. ( ayan, my love life na daw ako! whahaha). Numerous lonely natives will indeed meet someone who will not leave them indifferent. For some of them, there will even be a very important encounter which may change their lives drastically and end up with a marriage. ( wala pa sa edad ko ang balak magpakasal, 4 na taon pa.)

2007 is an year of recovery for you - an year filled with promising changes, good developments and new positions. If you are an employee, chances of a good promotion and a reasonable monetary increment are quite high. Some of you may even branch out into your own profession or business. Open minded approach towards new opportunities, strategic planning, sustained hard work and timely implementation will fetch you more rewards. Controlling your temper and becoming more flexible at work place should be your top priority, apart from staying motivated. Expect troubles in unexpected situations and practice perseverance.
If you have a male as your boss, consider yourself double lucky. - ano naman ito? lalaki ba talga?

In the meanwhile, stay out of trouble with your business partners, team associates and office politics of the employees. - hindi ako naghahabol ng kung anumang posisyon. ok?
Rats doing trading or in enertainment industry, beauty parlour, health accessories will do better. - this is my chance to be a singer! whahaha

A rewarding year, as far as income is concerned. Some of you may attract windfall luck too. But do not get adventurous and get involved with risk-money. Read the fine prints deeply before signing up contracts and agreements. Stay away from illegal money transactions and unorthodox practices or else you could get into trouble with the long arms of the law. - ano naman yun?


Fatigue and lack of proper sleep due to workload will be a major concern. Indulge yourself with the crowds during the weekends (without overdoing it) and do some exercises when you find the time. Relax and unwind. Many of you will experience disorders related to stomach, intestines, digestive system, blood circulation and kidneys. It is high time to shift to quality food. - kakain na ba ko ng gulay? hay...


Quality in personal relationships and new found friendships will bring joy and content. Activism in social circles will give you more strength and support. There will be many occasions to celebrate, including the addition of a new member to the family. Enjoy without over-burning yourself. As the "Flower of Romance" rules your Animal Sign, singles will be flooded with proposals. - ayan, ako na lang ang mamimili.. hahaha.. ako na lang daw ang magpapaligaw.. tsktsk

Use your head rather than your heart - eto ang ayaw ko! waaaa....
Consider yourself as blessed, if you are part of a joint family - cyempre naman!...

Good Relationships with : Rat, Dragon, Monkey, for 2007

ayan na..ano sa tingin nyo? malas ba ko or swerte sa taong ito? hehehe


sorrowful said...

year of the horse ako, so hindi pala tayo compatible(kapal ko naman). anyway, dapat nga mas gamitin ang utak kesa puso, and that I learned the hard way.

kyels said...

Year of the Tiger ako ... Heehee.


david.edward said...

to -> sorrowful..
nasa pag uusap naman yan eh! wehehee..godbless!