my dream..


i dreamt that i am dead. how did it happen? here's the story:

im riding a car (just like a bus or jeep, cant remember exactly) and the place was like BAGUIO. mountains sorrounding the place. and then i decided to go home and rode to this vehicle. and then while it was on our way, the car went fast, approaching a sharp curve, and as i was expecting what to happen, we fell from top of the mountain to the bottom of it. and the feeling was like were floating on air and i told myself, im going to die. cause the height of the slope is too high for a man to live when fell on it. but when we hit the ground, we were alive. dont know what happened. then we go to the church to attend a mass but the priest were looking is not available that time so we decided to left the place.

i dont know what this dream means to me. and i dont know why im having such dreams.


Lyza said...

maybe you can look up in the internet to see what your dream means... maybe research on cars? and... death? hehe.