been here...


been here at the office today to arrange some things in proper place. woke up so early, around 7:30 thinking that i only have 5 hours of sleep of what happened last night. - no need to mention here -. went to school with my friend and my schoolmate before and she got her diploma. asking when will be the release of our yearbook but to no avail. went to mega and look around and tomorrow im gonna buy the external hard disk. :)

about the heart problem, i think im okay now., yah, i think so. thinking that youve been fooled by somebody is a better way of recovering. and i know that god will help me on this one.

next stuff to buy will be my mobile phone, maybe next month or end of the month. dont know when. cause right now im having a problem with the keypad of my p9.

hey, bro vince, ill tell when ill be free since i think my sunday will not be available cause ate asked me to play badminton with her.

i think thats it for now. thanks!

david.edward signing off..

and to "you-know-who-you-are", i really hope that someday i will know the truth. and only the TRUTH. Godbless..


Balong said...

eh? di ako natinag sa name ko pero yung sa addendum, sino naman kaya yun? lol!

kyels said...

Napapagod na po ako ...

I've so many questions naman, to a person. Like, alam mo bang nasaktan ako?

Sometimes, I say to myself, bakit?

Love is pain in the ass. And truth, it's not easy to obtain. I know what you feel Kuya David.