quick post.

this would be a quick post. a short detail what happened last night at the company christmas party held at New World Hotel in Makati City.

6 pm started the program.
7 pm we arrived at the place (we're late for some reason)
- props are on the place before we came there.
- we just had a light dinner because we're preparing for our presentation.
- change to black clothes, from 70's attire to black top.
- rehearsal of the background cloth.
- preparing the stage for the dance party.
9 pm showdown time for the EDI Map Dev! Time to shine.
- while execution everybody is enjoying the music and the beat and the performance.
- all of members participated.
- crowds cheering
10:30 pm announcement of winners for the dance competition.
- EDI Map Dev Team bagged the Championship! wohhooo!
- Congrats to the whole team for the job well done.

Today: 2:00 pm - at the office.
going to the venue of the christmas party of the EDI Map Team.
will start around 6 pm
right after the party we will go to Pangasinan and will be back on Manila on Monday. directly reporting in the office.

pictures to come. censored pictures not allowed! whahaha..

AGAIN, CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE MAP DEV TEAM. P15,000.00 coming in our way! wohoo!


Jeff - Reiji said...

Christmas Parties?
Tell me about it. ;p
But it seemed like you enjoyed yours though.

kyels said...

Haha ... Yay!

Glad to hear you guys bagged the Championship! Ang galing!!!


Anyway, have fun in Pangasinan.