hey hey..


how are you guys? im doing fine but still sleepy and need to recharge the strength that i lost last week. need more time to finish all the dvds that i borrowed from ate jaja and now here comes another dvd from conch - lost. i dont know what to expect here but according to people who already watched it, its a good one. and im quite excited about it. so i really need more time. This weekend might not be that one. why? FRIDAY night will be the company christmas party at New World. SATURDAY night will be our team christmas party ( need to practice the dance ) wahahaha.. Ate Jaja will help us to do the moves and i hope that i can do it. it will be my first time to dance here. wahahhaa.. and im not a dancer though sometimes i wishi have the right moves. okay, then after the christmas party on Saturday night we will go directly to pangasinan for the escapade with some officemates. nah, i will miss them once i leave the company. its not like work for me. it is like going to school everyday. sigh.

i dont have any plan to have a leave this december. so im gonna stay at the office during office hours. my ear btw is okay now, thanks to the meds and i bought it last week when im still no money. thanks god my card works. and i need to pay it now. whahaha.. they are hunting me now. hehehe..

what else do i expect to come? hmm.. i have gifts to ate, to my tita, to dra and i need to find gifts to my officemates. am i fully loaded? not really i hope.

this morning we played badminton again. so im gonna go home around 9 i think. and we need to finish the props cause tomorrow is the final rehearsal.

still not busy cause my map have query and im waiting for the answers. hope to finish it by tomorrow. feels like i dont wanna work and its a bad idea. hehehe...

david edward signing off...


kyels said...

I'm okay David, just chillin' before starting my revisions.


Have fun at the party!

Vince said...

ei, how about basketball? let's play!