Company Christmas Party 2006

the christmas party was held last December 8, 2006 at the New World Hotel in Makati City. This year team is the dance era. Our Team ( EDI Development Team ) was assigned to dance to the tune of the 70's music. we had a lot of practice, (for the dancers and lot of time consumed in preparing the props, if i just knew how hard it is, i just joined in dance.) for us to make it perfect and a good presentation. 4 pm pa lang, most of the team are not working na, they are doing their hairs, their make ups and their dress but to the guys, we were just watching them and having a pictures! ( hindi naman mawawala sa MAP DEV yung eh ).. we were the last one who left the office cause ate goldie need to install the WeRoam service in her laptop so that she can connect to the internet and work while enjoying the party at the same time. nah! so when we got there at the place, the program already started. and then when the food was served, i can say na okay naman yung food., its just that i dont really eat veggies. :) so yun,. around 8:30 we had a meeting (whole team meeting, we prayed to God for the performance and congratulated each one of us who made it that night on the christmas party. and then after that, PROPS people also had a meeting on how we can move the big cloth without seeing the people holding it ( but of course if you just knew how curious we were in seeing the presentation, we cant help it but also have a glimpse of it on the side, hehehe ). so when its our turn, we just enjoyed the presentation and the sounds, and we are proud that all of the team members participated ( from Sir Bong - our director - who have a part in the YMCA, to our Managers, to our Team Leaders down to developers, reqs and QAs. and i can say that after that performance, we did a good job,. everybody enjoyed especially our audience. hehehe...s0 after that, i dont have a decent dinner, why? excitement, emotions, pictures, and everything that happened that night. it was like attending an awards night and all of us wearing 1950s inspired clothes. so we just took the opportunity in doing it. and i do have a lot of pictures but dont know who are the owners of that cameras and till now im still looking for other pictures. wahahaha... and when the time to present the winners and the 3rd and 2nd place was called and the name of our team was never announced, we were all so happy that we knew we won at that moment, and yung moment na tinawag yung name ng team namin, lahat kami nagtatalunan, all the hardwork that we gave in preparing all that was paid off. sulit talga. and being the champion, 15000k is coming our way. hahaha... for a team composed of 100 members. hehehe.. CONGRATULATIONS to the WHOLE MAPPING TEAM.

so we left the place after some sayawan, ingayan sa loob, around 12 mn. we were all fulfilled and happy. kahit nakakapagod masaya naman kaming lahat., other team mates went back to the office and stayed overnight there.

btw, sa mga raffles na ginawa, ni hindi man natawag pangalan ko ni minsan, even last year. its not yet time. whaahaha..

so the next day, it was EDT Christmas Party.


JoLoGs QuEeN said...

wow naman edward,
asteeg naman ng pix
(^_^) kamusta naman
sobrang updated ang
blog mo, wish ko
lang mahabol ko
lahat ng post ko
over delayed na
ung sa akin...

kyels said...


Ang galing! I'm glad you had fun though I bet it must be awfully tiring but anyway, congratulations!