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While Peter thought about the vision, the Spirit said to him, "Behold, three men are seeking you."– Acts 10:19

God speaks to us primarily through His Words, the Bible. Sometimes, however, He directs in ways we do not expect.

Gary Dougherty, a co-worker at RBC Ministries, was walking home from church one evening when he saw a young man coming from the opposite direction. A strong urge came over Gary to talk with him about becoming a Christian. He hesitated at first, but then he said to this total stranger, "Pardon me, but I believe God wants me to tell you how to become a Christian."

"I just asked my girlfriend’s mother that question," said the man, "but she didn’t know." "You mean you want to become a Christian?" Gary asked.

"Yes, I do!" he replied. Still incredulous, Gary asked him again and then shared the plan of salvation with him. That night a young man met Jesus as his Savior.

Some might call this a coincidence, but there’s a biblical parallel in Acts 10 with Cornelius and Peter, two men who were in touch with God’s Spirit.

Not all believers have equally dramatic experiences. But if God’s Word, prayer, and obedience are a daily part of our lives, we will be tuned in to the Spirit’s leading and be ready to convey God’s love to others.

– Dennis De Haan

Father, thank You for Your Spirit,
Fill us with His love and power;
Change us into Christ’s own image
Day by day and hour by hour. – Anon

READ: Acts 10:1-23

When you open your heart to the Lord, He opens your eyes to the lost.


hanaKZ said...

oist! ok na yung daliri ko. hindi naman siya namatay, hihihihi...

oi! like ko yung mga verse na nilalagay mo sa mga post mo. parehas tayo, christian.

kyels said...

We have to thank the Lord --- always!