sleep overs...

post dedicated to the people who also stayed in the office, friday nights. total number of nights (friday) stayed in the office - three/four. not sure. first time i slept here in the office, i think because i worked OT. then the second time - when we went to Puerto Galera (Ate M2, JP, Kuya Glen and you know who), third - when we went to Punchline (Kuya tey, ate belle, ate dana and the rest of the gang), fourth time - when we went to Glorietta and we finished work almost midnight so we decided to stay here. the last time we slept here is last thursday. friday is team building day, so we decided to sleep over here in the office and hooray..we are not late! hahhaa..

what usually happen when we stay here? surfing the net till our eyes are tired and want to shut down. (what a term! hahaha). then talking to each other, story telling (wooshoo) and online chats. i went to sleep around 1:30 or 2 am most of the time. and do you have an idea where we sleep? yehey! of course under our tables! hahaha... under our cubes. im just afraid of the wires of my computers., tsk tsk.. but its better there than sleeping on ur chair, but actually after i slept, i have a back ache because of the floor that we sleep on.