busiest day...im back.

before to start anything, let me make my sigh..a heavy sigh..whats that for? its been days since my last post, i mean aside from the daily bread. the reason behind is that we have a lot of projects in our hand. and we need to develop right after another. and its not just a simple CR that you can do within an hour or so, but most of our projects are new map. it has a time span of 3 days in our hand to develop the whole new map. am i talking with sense here? anyways, so thats how our life goes for the past few weeks, but recently it has been the busiest i think.. and thats the reason why i didnt blog on those days. and i even came here in the office the last saturday.

Saturday..Nov. 11, 2006
woke up around 9 am and i hurriedly pack my things and went here in the office. my time in is around 10 am. so at first, we dont have the "energy" to do our work. we just woke up and went here in the office directly ( included preparing ourselves) and again, my sleep for saturday till 12 noon or past was compromise. first thing we did was to check our accounts. ate jaja, came in the office first together with ate kristi. then i started my work around 11 and then around 12, we had our lunch at Tokyo Tokyo in People Support buidling, then a coffee from Starbucks ( cause im still sleepy at that time).. oh btw, thanks to ate kristi for the choco mousse she treated us. hehehe.. then we returned in the office and do our work again.
around 4 pm i got out from the office and went to the badminton court to have our levelling. and thanks god for my memory, i came back in the office cause i forgot our registration form. sigh.. good for me. in a bad way. hahaha.. then we played and they levelled as level D. of course, we dont want to show our true colors in levelling. wahaha.. we were good players kaya...wahahaha.. joke.. just good enough and not a newbie on the game. hehehe.. then after the levelling i returned in the office again and do the work. i finished around 7:30, and i went home first cause we went to Dampa in Ortigas with Ate and the family members. ate jaja went home around 8:30 i think. so me, around that time is eating and enjoying the foods in front of my eyes.. hahahaha..

November 14, 2006 Tuesday
had a badminton game with the team (badminton players in the company) at The Zone, we usually play there every Tuesday and Thursday as long as our schedule permits. we asked a partner if we can have a game with them and they agreed. so new playmates on the court. hehehe.. then we came here in the office around 11 am. and that was late! officially late.. but i cant do nothing. hehehe.. and then around 11:25 my co - team members asked me if i want to join in their lunch out and since i dont have my packed lunch with me, i joined them (but of course asking first where are they going to eat). then we had our lunch in Max Convergys, Makati. so taht time, there were still seats available, most of the employees are having their lunch at exactly 12 or 5 minutes to 12, but we were at the place around 11:30. then we ordered Sinigang na Hipon, Pata bites, family chicken, and kare kare. and ice teas, shakes and sago for our drinks. ive had my sago bottomless and i drank 4 glasses of it. hahaha..solved. actually, what i like the most in Max is the sinigang na hipon. i like it the way they cook it. hehehe.. then i started my work around 1:30 cause we returned in the office around 1:00 pm. went home around 10:00 pm cause i am not yet finished with my projects. sigh again. ive had 2 maps on QA. then one on my hands for development to be submitted on Thursday, tomorrow. then also other maps coming from HST. sigh.. so imagine the look of my cube and my desk. a disaster. so i came home around 11 pm i think.

November 15, 2006 Wednesday.
woke up around 8:30 and here in the office around 9:30. i woke up late cause i need to recharge my energy. hehehe.. then in the morning, i had one defect on one of my maps. so i fixed it. the night before i knew that i had that defect. once in a while, i know that i can missed something. (in tagalog, i admit it na "tatanga tanga talga ko minsan"). so thats it. good thing that the two maps are now on implementation. then i started my new map for QA tomorrow. so need to recharge again my brain for it. sigh, then we had a meeting this afternoon (the whole team) regarding the Team Building thats going to be held on Friday at Caylabne in Cavite City. so maybe most of us will sleep over here in the office. and i wish that im going to have a good sleep tomorrow.

pictures to come. tomorrow after my work loads.. hahaha

what are you doing in my cube ha? caught in the act..

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abel said...

w0w! puro kainan yata madalas ang nakikita ko dito, heheh

kyels said...

Ingat, okay?

I've had the busiest week in my life too and it still is busy ... Workload naman. Boo!

arvin said...

busy! lahat naman ata ngaun! haha (o ako lang din?) ewan.