Zambales Team Building - EMEA A

the EMEA team had their team building last October 7 and 8 in Iba, Zambales., im just a guest, hahaha, on that event but i participated enough and played my part. naks! so it all started on the eve of October 6, Friday.

October 6. Friday..

SIG Music Meeting 6 pm, while waiting for the departure time i attended the meeting of one of my three SIG. and actually im hungry at that moment and just waiting our other team members who will join us on our trip and adventure. 8 pm came, but still no time that we will be leaving the office premises. until 9 pm came, we left the office and brought our bags down to the car (also i brought one pillow, hehehe).. and past 9 pm were on our way going to Zambales. and while traffic was testing our patience, thanks to Josh for the Bioman DVD, i enjoyed myself watching that Bioman (nostalgia! hahaha).. so i look like im a 5 year old kid enjoying that series. we watched it along the way until we reached the gas station in NLEX, wherein we ate and had our dinner. btw, we had our dinner at Jollibee, since i think it was near 12 midnight and the other store are already closed. but the sad part there is that they got the DVD player and transferred it to another car.. 3 cars are going to zambales anyway... but im not bad nor do i had bad feelings about that, we need to share it and i dont own it anyway. so there it goes. we reached San Fernando Pampanga around 1 am and we stopped and waited for the other car, unfortunately one car took an exit at the wrong place, they are two towns far from us. they took the Dau exit which makes us wait for another hour for them. and then when they reached us, and then after a short chit chat and were ready to keep going, the other car got a machine problem, there it goes, we left that place around 2 am,. and still im not sleeping, take note, i only have 6 hours of sleep on thursday night..then we reached Bataan and my hometown and then SUbic and finally we are i hope near to our destination.

October 7..Saturday
5:30 am, when we finally reached our destination. i just had a 5 minutes nap all throughout the way from Manila to Iba Zambales and after designating the room for everyone, im the first one to took a bath and prepare myself to sleep.
7:30 am. im awake already and preparing myself for the task designated to me. i will cook the breakfast. thanks to ate dana, ate belle, ate russ for helping me to do that one., hehehe..we did a great job! we cooked eggs, hotdogs, bacon and ham. and after taking breakfast around 9:30 am, i continued watching the Bioman series on the kubo. hehehe (addict!)..then what i didnt recognized was that some of our team mates left and went to kuya glens house to prepare our lunch. so i am there with some team mates and then i stopped wathing the DVD and take control of the Karaoke! wohoo! we sang and sang until we got the perfect score! whahaha..i did it! congrats to myself! hehehe...
lunch time..we went to kuya glens house and then had our lunch, they served sinigang, paksiw, fried chicked and some other dishes that i already forgot. what i ate of course is the chicken and the sinigang coz im not eating veggies. sorry for that..then after we finished our lunch, we decided to go to batis...a sapa or river, then when we reached the area the water is clear and of course i took the chance to take a swim., hehehe...we just stayed there for a while but i do enjoyed the place, hahaha...then after that we went to the market and bought some stuff that we used in the activities.
around 5 pm...the game is now ready to begin..the first stop is the over under, and i belong to the pink team, and we are the last to fill the bottle of coke using sponge. tsk tsk..then the race, and sadly we ended up only 2nd place. tsk tsk..
then the tag of war and after that (by the way, we lose also) we took the chance to swim in the beach without the sunlight affecting our bare skin. wahahhaa...and i have an experienced on that sea water. my pajama (yes, i was wearing pajama while swimming, from the batis and in the sea.) tore in the middle. wherein you can take a look at my undies and it was not only a simple tore on my pajama, it was a total wrecked. i cant get out of the water because of that, and i dont have the courage to walk in my pajamas tore and everybody can see my undies in front and from the back..eew! anyways, thanks to ate russ for giving me my towel and i wrapped myself around it. tsk tsk..such an experience..
and then after taht, i am in charged again of "ihaw". im the one who made the tilapia be grilled, and thanks god it is okay...sigh...i had a hard time doing taht. i cant remember the last time i did that and i think it was years! so it was a total hell for me. the heat of the charcoal affecting my hands (my poor hands) and then the feeling that i didnt fixed myself cause i just got up from sea water, and after resting a few minutes and after i grilled all the tilapia, i took the chance to fixed myself and again for the 2nd time i wore a pajama. after eating dinner, its our chance again to practice our vocal chords! hahahaha...we ended our voice practice around 3 am and left the other mates who are still drinking, and sorry guys i cant help you with that cause i dont drink..hehehe...and then i had a 7 hours sleep on that night...

October 8..Sunday..
we had our takeshi castle style of water gun that morning...and it was tiring..we are all exhausted running and triggering the water gun..we also had a water bomb,..hahaha...and then after that we swam in the sea and i took off my shirt, of course, i dont swin with shirts on cause it will add some weight on ur body when you get there we all swam in the sea with the ray of the sunlight touching our bare skin...then after enjoying the sea water and thank to the situation, my pajama (yes, still im wearing pajama) tore again...but it was controllable compared a day before to my tahts it..a good experience in the water...
2 pm..we are all prepared for our trip going to manila..and when we reached subic, we dropped by at the duty free and i bought hersheys chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate and dark chocolate and a pair of shoe. so thats it..we also had our lunch/dinner at chowking at SBMA.. and go our way to Manila.. i reached home around 9:30 pm and then i went to the parlor near our place to have a haircut and have my nail be polished...


patrick said...

this sounds fun.

bioman marathon in the kubo..? natawa nmn ako du'n. *lols.

kyels said...


It sure was fun!


P.S. --- Ayos ka lang ba?