welcome back...


ive had my 100th post this morning and it is about the Daily Bread. actually i was thinking what would be my 100th post and what will be the content but God knows what it should be. and i dont have any regrets for that. okay im done with my 100th post and now im on my one hundred and one post. what happened to me?

okay, last friday when i went home, still no sign of electricity, i got out of the office at around 10 pm, since Ayala and Buendia are on a state of heavy traffic, sigh, and thanks God because there is still other way wherein we can go home without passing by EDSA, we agreed to take the buendia, makati ave route going to mandaluyong and it was such a relief on our sides because there is no such heavy traffic like what Ayala and Buendia had. okay when i got home, still no electricity and my niece is crying because it was dark, the night before they slept inside the car (that was thursday evening). and ate told me if i knew a hotel that we can get in. so i tried to text and recall all the hotels that i know, but sad to say all of them are fully booked! why at these times the richest people are out on their home? dont they have a generator on their own? joke! hahaha...so thats it, and thank God at 1 in the morning we got a room around qc, and at that time when dark are everywhere, we were on our way to that condotel. thanks, and really thanks... but actually i missed my bed, but its okay because there is electricity on that room, and we check out the next day. and take note of the breakfast they offer, from Jollibee! wahaha..

we had our electricity back last saturday midnight, and we cleaned our house because ate got mad on what kind of cleaning did the maid did, and it was a mess! really is..geez! they should be out of our lives..ooppss, sorry my horns again. yesterday i went to Megamall and met my friend and stroll at shangrila and megamall and bought some cologne and lotion for myself, hehehe.. so what else? i think thats it for now. hehehe