such a relief.


im now stable, at least i can breathe normally without my heart pumping so fast because of the sudden change in our team. it is type error, our manager told one of us. thanks God! and now im excited about the Team Building tomorrow, we will be leaving at around 8 pm here in the office and tomorrow morning im in-charge in the kitchen, hope that i can wake up easily tomorrow, hehehe and hope that i can cook good taste food (*cross finger*)...or hope that the food that i will cook will have a taste. hehehe... well, thats why someone else will help me or rather i will be just helping them to prepare the food. hehehe...will keep you updated on monday, and share the pictures...actually, my pocket is near to empty, because of such expenses, last month im in puerto, and this month, i will be in zambales twice, and next month, plan is laguna. can i save money from all of these expenses? help me? hehehe


kyels said...


It's a typo then. Good to hear that David.

Well, how to save money ... For me I prepare a budget for myself. Like I'll only spend this amount of money perweek. I'm sure you'd be able to do that too.

Damn, I wanna go to the beaches in Pinas now; Boracay, Mindoro ... Hayyy.

Jhed said...


Every blogger I visit complains about being broke. Haha. Oh well.

You can cook? Wow. Good luck. I can't even fry a decent chicken without burning it. LOL.