i left the house without my phone. im on my way to the fx station when i suddenly remembered where is my phone and thanks to my memory. i left it on the bed on my brother. so thats why i dont have my phone the whole day. sigh..i miss my phone. i did not forget my player and put it in my neck but i forgot to get my phone when i got out of the room. do i need to have a vitamins for my memory? hehehe

i attended the info sharing today, and it took the whole day, the explanation and the discussion is not that long but the exams. tsk tsk.. and tomorrow i have my 7 habits seminar, to run till friday. and that only means that i have a limited access to my pc and on the net,. why? the training will be held outside our office. so maybe i need to get here early morning. 7:30 am i think, the training will start at exactly 8 am., so that will be the things will keep me busy the whole week. and tomorrow, our team will be going to dampa in macapagal to have a dinner and bonding session (*excited*)...

till here...david edward :D


kyels said...

Have fun at the seminar and take care of yourself too!