holdappers no more.


last night as i went home, i rode a bus going to Boni avenue, five minutes after i hopped in the bus, there was this more or less 12 men entering the bus, looking at their physical appearances (well, im not judging people uh) they look like a construction workers. okay, the problem is not there, after a while the bus is not moving on its place and like was it is on park, i mean whats the use of parking your bus if no one want to enter? and then as i sat near the window in the middle of the bus (i was only the one on that seat), one of the guy from the 12, seat next to me and like he was pushing me more on the side and looked at me like he was examining my appearance or whatever he is doing, but i returned the action but i looked at him differently like i was asking "why do you look at me like that?", then after a few seconds the 12 men decided to alight the bus. then the reason why the bus stopped came in. the driver told us that he recognized one from the 12 men is a holdapper. and the reason why he stopped and parked the bus is so that when something not good happened everyone around the bus can see whats happening inside since the bus is not moving. good thing that the driver know what to do with that. and thanks God really for not allowing that to happen to me the second time around.


kyels said...


He should not have looked at you that way. It's wrong but good to hear that the bus driver stopped near the park. So that they could go down.