from dev to analyst - not a good idea


i dont like it, the feeling especially the idea. i studied computer science and i want to be a programmer not to be an analyst. not to be a requirements analyst. tell me that im a hard headed guy but i dont want to transfer to other team. and im happy with my team right now, were doing good and along the way we learn new things. next week, there will be a 7 habits seminar before our Team Buidling on 21-22,. and look below what is written on the email.

im not the only one affected of this, actually before the email was sent, sure it came from one of our superiors and definitely he/she know what and who we are. so is it a typo error that we are part of the Requirements Team which is not in true life. sigh..I am not a Requirements Analyst, I am an EDI Software Engr, i applied for that position. i really dont like it, the idea and all., i just hope that this is not true and it was just a way of telling that most of the numbers of attendees for the seminar for next week will not be from Map Dev Team.

I just really hope. is it a sign that i should resign and accept the offer from other company?


Billycoy said...

Maybe it was just a typo... or maybe there will be other topics in the seminar that you could use to your work.

Better verify that, I dont like the idea too.

kyels said...

Well David, you could verify it with your supervisor.

But over here in Malaysia (or rather the IT world), after being a Developer, you will therefore advance to being a System Analyst, then Requirements Analyst, and lastly, Project Manager.

But I hope you'd get what you want.


Franklin said...

Don't be too hang up on titles. Here in Silicon Valley I work as a developer, systems analyst, dba and sometimes project manager. The more you bring to the table, the more valuable you are to your company and the more salary increases you'll get. When the going gets tough, the least valued employees are the ones that are let go first by your company. When you apply for a job in another company, they look beyond titles. The more skills you can bring, the greater the chances of you being hired and the more pay you can get. Thanks!