Divisoria - first time..


i went to Divisoria last Saturday together with my officemate whom i asked to go with me. the reason why we went there is to buy toys and prizes for the coming Halloween party this week. since that place offer a lot of choices and not to mention "affordable prices". thats what we all need to fit in for the budget. i returned here in the office Saturday morning (fyi. i slept here in the office friday night and went home saturday morning 8 am.) im back in the office around 1 pm and then took lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. im having my lunch there for 5 consecutive days and i find eating with chopsticks enjoyable. wahahaha... actually i forgot how to use it,. so here i am, trying again to use the "disciplinary type of eating the food", but im okay with that. hehehe.. so after eating we're thinking of which way is the best accessible since im not familiar with the place. we tried the buendia - taft. but when we reached the buendia - taft road, we found fx going to divisoria. what a relief.. actually i was hoping that there will be a fx going to that place. hehehe.. and then after how many minutes of riding inside the fx, we finally reached divisoria. actually, i kept on asking where are we to ate jaja since i dont know the place. then first stop is the divisoria mall. you can find a lot of toys in different varieties here for lower price. second stop is the 168 mall, from divisoria mall to 168 mall we walked and crossed streets, i dont know where we are going, i just kept on following ate jaja. then we reached 168 mall and we do our purpose why we're there. we spent almost 2000 for the toys itself. then after roaming around for an hour, we decided to take a rest and to we ate at the food court. after that, we're heading home and asked the girl which way will lead us to recto and she said turn left and walk straight but when we reached the corner, we asked again a person which way is going to recto, he told us to go back and walk straight, huh? which is which? anyway, we tried the way the girl said to us. i reached home around 7 pm. thanks to ate jaja for giving me a company on that place i dont know. hehehe...
Happy Halloween..


JoLoGs QuEeN said...

eh kamusta naman un
kuminang ang mga mata
ko sa dami ng gusto
kong bilhin (^_^)

david edward said...

hahaha...babalik ako dun! :D

kyels said...


You forgot how to use the chopsticks?

Hmm. But I am sure by now you know how to use it already right? Haha!

I hope you are doing fine!


abel said...

laking divisoria ako noong college :)

potpot said...

hahhaha.. ako din! malapit sa skul ko yan dateh.. hehee.isang sakay lang

rHo said...

mura nga tlaga sa divisoria!! yay.. ako rin, di ako marunong pumunta dyan kaya di ko pa nararating yan! sa susunod nga, di na lang ako magsasabi.. tatakas na lang ako! hahahaha!

hmmm... sarap sa tokyo-tokyo! yummmyy... happy halloween din sa'yo! ingatz!

david.edward said...

thanks po sa lahat ng nagcomment..:D