All in One Shot


i dont have personal entry yesterday cause im still thinking what it should be? my brain is not working, so lazy to think of the ideas that life is offering to me.

Theres nothing new here at the office, my other project is in the middle of to continue or not, which means that we will be waiting words from our superiors to continue with that or to go with another project, but actually i havent done anything to that project, the deadline for us (developers) to develop one map is before second week of December and that will be 2 months to go., but unexpectedly this thing happened. i dont know. well, ill just wait and see.

two days ago, someone called me and offered me a job position in their company. well, it is the same position or the same job what im doing right now. AI mapping. i asked some technical information and found myself looking on the net for their company's info. the girl (i think HR personnel) asked me if how much salary will im going to ask from them and of course i did not answer that, why? im not sure if im going to accept the offer. there are some things to be considered on the first place. and im waiting for my 13th month pay this december. whahaha..i do have plan, yes, of resigning in this kind of work, but maybe next year and my next target working place is outside of the country. there are lots of expenses here, sigh. i cant afford to have all the things that i want! wahaha... im such a spender. tsk tsk..

no projects for this past weeks, i mean there is, but only 2 maps for the whole week and you can do that for only an hour or so. and the rest? nothing..surfing the net..sigh, i want to do a new map now..

we're going to have the team building for EMEA A ( actually im part of EMEA B - Loctite ) but since i was invited(?) to join, i join in! count me in! hahaha...this event will happen on Saturday and Sunday in Zambales..well, i like adventure, really is. id like to go to different places as long as my pockets budget permits me to do that. the one thing that excites me is the fishing part using net,. i dont know if that is true, well i like the idea and im buying it. hehehe...and of course this will be a memory to hold on for my job, so that when i resign i do have lots of good memories with my team,. tsk happy to be part of this team, but i need to grow, i need to find my self, what career to pursue and many things. heavy sigh..

and then on the 21st and 22nd, were going also to have the Team Building for the whole team! yehey! (requirements, mapping and QA ) it will be a big budgeted event by the company, thanks VL! will be held at Mango Camp in Zambales. i think i need to be thrifty enough cause there are lot of events that needs my money. hahaha...

im not allowed to have my leave tomorrow, Thursday, well, reason accepted. one team mate is also on leave, the other one is not here at teh office but in the hospital because of UTI, i think. so im here tomorrow, doing nothing? i hope not. hehehe..

till here..i cant think of anything to post. hehehe...


Franklin said...


Just curious, what sort of mapping do you do in IT? I'm from Zambales and I currently work here in Silicon Valley ( Mt. View, CA) supporting all the enterprise applications in our company. A small portion of my responsibility is creating EDI maps for our EDI processes.


david edward said...

hey..yah, it is an EDI Mapping process...:D
can i apply in your company as a EDI Developer? hehehe..

Franklin said...

So which EDI message type that you create maps for and also what translator do you use? I'm currently involved in a project working with DHL IT in Singapore testing the maps and scripts that they created for processing service transactions between DHL ASIAPAC and our company.

david edward said...

ei you can add my ym: edward_19_cute
and we can chat over the net and not here in comments? hehehe

kyels said...


You're an IT person is it?


Franklin said...

I just would like to say that if you're in IT, the best place to be in is here in Silicon Valley which is basically the Santa Clara Valley of California. Here, you're in the midst of high technology surrounded by the latest and greatest and the opportunity to advance is so great.

david edward said...

ah ok, ill try to be there as soon as i can and hope that God will permit me to work there, hopefully by next year. heheeh..thansk for that info! god bless...:D