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its not yet november 1 but i made my visit to my mother and to my grandmother on the cemetery yesterday. i go there with my aunties and my cousin who was with his mom. we left manila around 7:30 am, but actually when i called my titas house a day before and asked what time we will be leaving they told me around 5:00 am so i got up around 6 worrying that i was left and first thing i did was call their house and asked if they are still there,. but thanks. at least ive been with them.

the travel was not good,. the tire exploded in the expressway.. good thing it happen near the gas station, so just to make the story short, we ate our breakfast at pancake house together with my titas and then my tito and the driver also my cousin went to bulacan and bought 2 tires. actually my tito has his own sentiments regarding his last car, the crosswind. while waiting for them, and my titas are eating there, i have my coffee from starbucks and then stayed with them and just took a picture of myself.

we arrived at around 12 noon,. then i called my cousin living there if she was there so that i can go to their house and catch up with each others life. sad thing is, she was on her grandmothers house, far from where i am. so no choice but to stay there. oh, i did not see my father at the location,. some people say taht he might be gambling at that time. sigh.. no improvement..tsk tsk.. oh, btw,. did i ever tell you taht i am not in good terms with my father? i mean, less talk, less stories. and i think he doesnt want to know anything at all. but i dont have bad feelings. its just that it happened that he is my father. okay, go back to the story. while staying at the house of my tita, we went to backyard and cut some trees, it has a permission. my uncle told us to do so. hehehe.. then after that, we took the bike and take a stroll on the barangay, (me and my cousin) how i miss my childhood days. well, theres a lot of improvement on the place. but to the people out there? im not sure. well. i left the place 5 years ago.

its around 2:30 pm when we decided to go to the cemetery. then while in the car my tita asked me if i bought candle for my mom, well i told her nope. ill just buy near the area. then first stop is my grandmother who took care of me when i was a kid until im taking my college. well, she is the one whom i can called my mother..she support me all the way i do, unlike my father (waahahha)...ttsk tsk.. then i went to my mothers tomb, my cousin came with me and we walked towards the place. and then of course what else will welcome us? but thrash and tall grasses..tsk tsk. on our way, i bought two candles to light on. then 2 kids approached us and asked if we want the place to be clean, then we asked how much?... its so cute to think or i mean i was amazed that this kid do this kind of work,. they are on their 10 or 11. i wonder where their parents are. and what they are doing. so i just tell them to clean the place and give the money to my cousin. then i helped also in removing all those green grass and the moss on the tomb. we just paid the kids hundred bucks. and my cousin kept joking thats its expensive. well, for me it wasnt,. for that kid to have food to eat, doing a job that the elders must do? its, i salute the kid for that. well, that hundred bucks was just like a give away,. i dont care after we left if they continue cleaning the place or not. on myself, i know i helped in my own little way.

we left bataan around 4:40 pm and arrived here in manila around 7 pm. that was very tiring even i just slept on the travel going back here in manila.


kyels said...

You look cool in the shades David.