happy birthday cuz!


today is my cousin's birthday, marissa,. yehey! blow out! but how? its not possible, she is in the province and im here at the metro, tsk tsk, how i miss our bonding session cuz! okay, for you guys who did not know who i am talking about, let me introduce my cuzin to you.
her name is marissa, a year older than me, we are second degree cousins, we went the same school from elementary till college (before i transferred here at Manila), we were classmates from grade 2 till 4th year high school, and she is the reason why i chose to study in a public high school rather than studying in a private one. we were always together everywhere we wanna go, in enrollment procedure, in going to the market to have a picture for the ids; all of that, we went to school together, and go home together most of the time, tahts how our bonding, hehehe..she is not allowed to make "lakwatsa" without me. so im the one who asked her parents to let her go out with our classmates assured that im with her and im gonna bring her home. nice right? how i miss the old days! i wish that you have a job here at the Metro so that we can enjoy again! wahahaha..

Again, Happy Birthday and Godbless!