madaluyong gen...


i told myself to have an entry about the Mandaluyong General Hospital where ive been yesterday. Last Saturday i went to St Lukes with my tita and yesterday to Mandaluyong Gen., i need to get something from a person there, i was called by my ate and commanded me to go to that hospital and get their OR cases..having a gudslip and still on the bed at 11 am, ate called again for the second time and told me to wake up so that i can go to the hospital. once i was in the hospital, i waited for the elevator to open, that elevator is a "bed elevator", patients in bed should be using that elevator, and there is no separate elevator for visitors. i mean elevator but not that long, then when i am on the right floor, there is no nurse station that i can ask, there was a sign of "OR-DR, unauthorized person not allowed", so i knocked on the door and no one is opening that for me, but the truth is i heard loud music inside the room, (is this really an OR?) hehehe...then when someone entered the room, she asked me whom i am looking for and told to her the name, then when i entered the room and told me to sit on one of the room, of course, here i am again, inspecting all what i saw, and right there and there, a conclusion is made on my mind.

Private Hospital is far better than the Public Hospital, i mean, its the general hospital serving the people, but look at the hospital itself, i mean where are the funds for the medication of the people?
what i mean here is, even if it is a public hospital, it should look clean, nice and neat. well, i cant say anything about the service cause i am never been admitted to that hospital and i wish i will never be. comparing the room that i saw in the clinic at St Lukes, that clinic is far better from that one room in O.R.
and also, in the delivery room, i heard one woman said "nanganak na yung babae sa wheel chair, kawawa naman yung bata". shocks! what the hell? that woman is inside the Delivery Room but then she gave birth in the wheel chair? isnt there enough beds for woman giving birth? just asking...