a cross in my life..


yehey! ive found now the pendant im looking, and yah, its the same with my previous pendant. it is actually a gift to myself on my last bday the previous month., since i dont have much time to go to the mall ( di ba? parang lagi ako dun eh ), tinatamad kasi ako maggala minsan, so last week while strolling, i saw this pendant and i bought it na. cyempre just to be sure that im always safe - my ganun, kasi iba feeling kapag feeling mo my kasama ka - especially pag di mo nakikita..hehehe

when i was in college, i remember i have the same kind ng pendant,. then suot ko din cya when i had my thesis defense. tapos while im delivering my piece and my part, i held my paper (yung back-up ng mga dapat idiscuss, hehehe..) on my right hand, and yung left hand ko, i have my rosary, nakakuyom yung left hand ko, even my mates and my paneslists didnt notice that i have a rosary in my left hand, and every time i had a chance to pray i prayed talaga, especially when my paneslist stopped talking, im thinking "did i say it right or wrong?", the thoughts in my mind is wiggling and circling. grabe talga yung tension nun, i prayed and when the time comes na iaanounce na yung pumasa sa min, and the lead panelist from the HQ said that i passed and i can graduate, tears flowed in my eyes talga, the feeling is different, that in front of your face they told you the good news, i cant help it but im just happy. that my perseverance and hardwork are paid-off..it was such a relief..and im the first in our batch na hindi nag code ng program, i dont know. some people told na the panelist already know who did the system and hindi na talga magcocode. i dont know. hehhe..even nung sinbi ng panelist na i will not do coding na about the system and i can have my free time ( that time magcocode na mga mate ko), im not sure that time kung pasado na ko or not, kasi i did not hear it right from the mouth of my lead panelist, para akong tanga kasi everybody knew na pasado na daw ako, but to me, i want to make sure and hear it right from my lead panelist. hehehe..and thanks god kasi i passed nga. so yun, thanks to god talga..hehehe


JoLoGs QuEeN said...

<=jologs wave=>
xempre naman d tau
papabayaan ni papa jesus
basta have faith in him (^_^)

David Edward said...

uu naman! san ka pa di ba?

kAwen said...

wow dat's a nice experience... congrats!