my grades at sti edsa crossing...


time when im going to submit my diploma and TOR copy to the HR when me, thought to tally my college grades.
well, here it is:

our grading system is 1.0 being the highest.

GRADE: 1.0
count: nine flat 1
MAJOR: 3 out of 9
SUBJECTS: Physics 1 and 2, Computer Architecture with Assembly Language Programming

GRADE: 1.25
count: six 1.25 grade
MAJOR: 4 out of 6
SUBJECTS: Database Management System, Software Engineering, Java, Special Topics (PHP Web)

GRADE: 1.5
count: fifteen 1.5 grade
MAJOR: 4 out of 15
SUBJECTS: C Prog, LDS, Operating System, forgot the subject

GRADE: 1.75
count: nine 1.75 grade
MAJOR: 5 out of 9
SUBJECTS: C++ Prog, Visual Basic, Systems Analysis and Design, Compiler, Thesis 2

GRADE: 2.0
count: two 2.0 grade

GRADE: 2.25
count: one 2.25 grade

GRADE: 2.5
count: two 2.5 grade

just want to share lang...i dont wanna sound boast, maybe somewhat im proud of what i have done in college..