the girl in the bus...


one time riding the bus going to megamall, i sat beside this "fatty" lady...well, when i entered the bus, of course, people will look at the people entering the bus, so i decided to sit down beside the said lady, instead of sitting beside the gay on the left side..but im not against gay okay? its just taht im not comfortable, me being alone and travelling beside him, but to my surprise they knew each other.the girl beside me and the gay on teh left side..and they talked like im not existing in the middle...tsk tsk...and i know in the corner of my left eye taht while talking the gay is looking at me, but just keep on talking. but thats not the main point of this blog, while inside the bus, the gay told the lady beside me to sleep since she has now a "seatmate" in the bus..i thought it was okay, but then problem came in..tsk tsk..that was my first experience about that...the "fatty" lady slept like there was tomorrow and like she was sleeping in her own room., she keep on leaning on me and i cant carry her weight, im just 120 lbs and i think she weighs more than double my i just told myself to be kind and dont do anything that might cause the girl to be shame on me and the people inside the bus..but shocks! she really weighs too much..until we reached edsa crossing, the girl get off the bus and i felt relief...hay...that was an experience and and a lesson to be learn? dont get me wrong...hehehe..i just had my experience...


JoLoGs QuEeN said...

<=jologs wave=>
kaya ayoko sa bus eh.
ayoko sa mga taong
kung matulog eh F na F

sarap banatan.