as i browse victor's blog, i ended up at his page wherein there is a video of the heart is jumping because i saw a video of the masman again..and that im not the only person who wants the show to be on air again! tsk begging to GMA and to ABS to add to their shows these my all time favorite shows..
as victor have said, i also grew up watching these shows, maskman and bioman especially, shaider? where's annie? hahaha...also Turbo Ranger, FiveMan, JetMan, and shows who have the same concept. I also dreamed of becoming like them, a super hero who will protect the earth..
well, no more to say, i am Red1 and Red Mask, always, i want the leader, i dont know why...well i hope to see those shows again in the future or want to have my own copy of that..waaaa...childish is attacking me again...hehehe...thats it...just wanna share that i love all those shows..hope to see them again, or if you have copy, can i borrow it? thanks!