last night..


i left the office last night at around 7:30 pm and my destination? of course, home...well, no one is home as i expect ed cause all of them will be in Ortigas Dampa ( im not sure if there is dampa in ortigas area). the reason behind that is because its my Tita's birthday and they celebrated it, of course even without me. so i told ate to left the keys and she answered yes. so on my way home, its part of my route that im gonna take a fx in megamall, i also remembered that i dont have smaller bills but only 500 pesos. since i dont have any 20 or 50 pesos bill on my pocket, i decided to bought a popcorn in kettle corn, sad to say, the taste of their popcorn is not that attracting to my taste buds than the popcorn i bought in LKG tower which is the same brand (i dont know the reason about that) . so, when i arrived home, i looked for the keys at the place they told me where it is but to my dissapointment, it wasnt what i did is to text my bro and asked him where are the keys. i dont wanna wait outside of the house till midnight or until they got home. so when i found the key, i entered the house of course and waited for them until 11 pm, i didnt eat the food they brought to me cause what important to me is to sleep more or less 10 i went up to my room and sleep since i took a bath right after i entered the house. i slept 9 1/2 hours last night..hehehe