defect me or defect them? hah!


it was a beautiful and peaceful tuesday doing my job and actually im done with my map, and i did unit testing yesterday..our plan for today was to exchange maps so that we can perform QA on our Henkel Norden, kuya glen and kuya tey...all the while im doing my work, my QA on one of my maps before pop a message and told me that we have a defect on one map, since there is an issue regarding the map..then i talked to my tl (team leader) and told him that the defect they are talking about was not part of my Change Request version 1.02..tsk tsk...look at the RDD sir. at the change control tab. ALC, PCD and MOA was not part of my CR. he told me that he was just asking for the defects as a team and not as an individual, but of course it will reflect on us since the email stated that the defect was defect of the previous developer and QA. For me, if you have an issue dont just file or charge a defect on the developer, better ask the people involve before doing any action..i feel bad about know nothing but then someone is filing a defect on your name without your knowledge? thats unfair...really is...